Look your best!

100% honesty & confidentiality.
Client safety & satisfaction is a priority.


All clients receive a personal consultation with Dr Sharan Uppal to ascertain what the client hopes to achieve from treatment. WE LISTEN TO YOU!

Dr Uppal will then take your medical history and make a thorough assessment.


Dr Sharan Uppal advises on what treatments, if any, would help the client achieve the desired result. WE ADVISE, NO HARD SELL!

We believe in 100% honesty, so that our clients are not left disappointed.

Sometimes clients come in thinking anti-wrinkle treatment will help remove excess skin that can develop around an ageing eye. Only surgical treatment can remove excess skin, so in circumstances like this we will advise you honestly that anti-wrinkle treatment will help the crows feet lines at sides of eye, BUT not get rid of the excess skin.

It is always worth having a consultation with our experts about non-surgical treatments prior to resorting to surgery, as there are often improvements that can be made before you go under a knife!


All treatment is delivered by Dr Sharan Uppal, who is trained in advanced aesthetic procedures. NO COWBOY PROCEDURES!

The result+

We pride ourselves in achieving A NATURAL LOOK!

If it’s a frozen, over plumped Barbie/Ken doll look you are after then Pegi Day Aesthetics is not for you. Unfortunately due to the lack of regulation currently around in the aesthetic industry it is often easy to spot a case of too much treatment or a treatment mishap.

Dr Uppal takes client safety seriously. She is knowledgeable and understands the anatomy of the face, thereby minimising risks of potential side effects/complications of treatments.

With facial aesthetics less is often more: Quality treatment over quantity!

The story behind the name+

Pegi Day Limited was founded by Dr. Sharan Uppal, who at the age of 2 years old used to say the term Pegi Day as part of her daily chatter with her family. It had no specific meaning at the time; just one of her favourite things to say.

Dr Sharan Uppal as a child

Sharan’s parents started a clothing manufacturing business in 1983 and chose to name it Pegi Day, as their daughter had clearly brainwashed them! The business was a success during its natural lifetime.

Dr Sharan Uppal graduating

Sharan grew up, studied hard and became a fully qualified GP. However, she wanted to do more… The perfectionist in her loved hands on work, which naturally led her to pursue her interest in facial aesthetics. When it was time to set up a business she sought the opinion of her parents and younger brother. It was her brother, Tinder that said it has to be: PEGI DAY!

And so it was re-born